2014–2016: Philosophies of Social Science Research, ESRC Doctoral Training Centre core course for PhD students (course convenor, lecturer and seminar tutor)
2011–2012: Sociological Perspectives (SO114), 1st year undergraduate core module, 1 two-hour weekly seminar
2011–2012: Researching Society and Culture (SO115), 1st year undergraduate core module, 2 two-hour weekly seminars
2011–2012: Social Research Methods (SO238): 2nd year undergraduate core module convened by Peter Ratcliffe (1 two-hour weekly seminar)
Oct 2010–Jan 2012: Online mentoring of MA student in sociology and social policy from Ritsumeikan University, Japan
2010–2011: Theoretical Ideas in Sociology (SO221), second year BA elective module, convened by Steve Fuller and Bob Carter (two one-hour weekly seminars)
2010–2011: (SO115) Researching Society and Culture (SO115), first year core module (two two-hour weekly seminars);
March 2010 and March 2011: Field Studies in Social Research (SO208), second year BA module convened by Anton Popov and Alice Mah (guest lecturer)
July 2010: “Postgraduate research in the social sciences: what is it all about?”, Kenilworth Sixth Form School, West Midlands, UK. Guest lecturer as part of the University’s outreach initiative, delivered three joint talks (with fellow PhD students Mark Carrigan and Michelle Kempson) for A-level students
2009–2010: Sociological Imagination and Investigation (SO109), first year core module convened by Margaret Archer and Hilary Pilkington (two two-hour weekly seminars)
Oct 2009: Field Studies, 2nd year BA module convened by Cath Lambert and Anton Popov (guest lecturer: lecture on ethnographic fieldwork)


2013: Post-socialist Transition and the Maritime Transport Industry, European Higher School of Economics and Management (guest lecture, MA European Studies and Management)


Sept 2008: “Preparing for Postgraduate Study in the UK”, pre-departure orientation lecture for new Open Society Institute / Chevening UK scholars.